cUrious aboUt The U?

Our Chef Najwa has over 25 years experience in the kitchen! She has learned from the best and applied her own expertise to perfect and authenticate her taste. Nowhere in Southern California will you find the taste and quality her kitchen offers, at the price that we sell it. You will leave wanting more. Guaranteed to get U stuffed!!!

Tired of the same old food options, like corporate food chains or some expensive meal with no value? The U has arrived for U!

We are not the stereotypical kind of restaurant, imagine the most Authentic Lebanese food  you will ever taste fused with the Build-Your-Own style. The options of Shawarma, Kabob, Falafel, and many more amazing varieties to be combined with different toppings and dressings.
​Come by and try The U Pitas and Bowls!

​! We Began For U !